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“Going on BBC ONE's The Apprentice in 2019 was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. But I'm so grateful for it, because it gave me the springboard to launch Insu Beauty.”

Insu Beauty was founded by Iasha Masood - BBC ONE The Apprentice 2019 Candidate. She created Insu Beauty when she couldn't find a Good Sonic Skin Cleanser that didn't irritate her skin. The first Insu Beauty Face & Body Cleanser was born; with 3 Customisable brushes, a 2 Month Rechargeable Battery, and 100% Waterproof. Iasha is passionate about good skincare and long-term skin health. But as busy businesswomen she understands it can be difficult so her goal is always to make Insu Beauty products both effective and convenient. She is also in the running for 2020 Great British Start-up Entrepreneur of the year for the creation of Insu Beauty.

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Our mission

At the heart of Insu Beauty is the belief that we should be empowered to have healthy, happy, skin as simply and conveniently as possible. This is why we have 3 speciality developed brush-heads, because healthy, happy, skin isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Everyone’s skin is different and you need the right tools for your skin at the touch of a button. Often what works for one person, doesn’t work for another, or maybe your skin's sensitivity changes throughout the year. Insu beauty are here for you when it does - Simply pop off the current brush-head and click in one of the alternative brush-heads, the long silicone brush-head is the most gentle of all, with the traditional bristle brush being the most exfoliating. You can also adjust the sonic vibrations with 3 different strengths. Mix, match and experiment until you find your ideal setting.


Insu Beauty believes in delivering the best quality products to its customers, products that are designed to be kind, gentle and highly effective. Insu Beauty believes in fair business practices and ethical ways of working, Iasha has always been passionate about fairness in business and this extends into her work with Insu Beauty too.


Safety: All our products comply with UK & European Electronic Safety Legislation.
Social responsibility: We make efforts to check that our factories are socially compliant through the use of third party social audits.
Sustainability: Currently all our packaging is recyclable - we understand the difficulty in recycling plastic and are working to remove plastic from our packaging. We also advise on and offer electrical waste recycling for our products.

What makes our best-selling Sonic Skin Cleanser different?

Customisable Cleansing

Our Sonic Skin Cleanser comes with 3 unique brush-heads so that people with different skin-types can change their brush-head to suit their skin.

Long Life Battery

The battery is an incredible 2 months - even if you use the product everyday!

100% Waterproof

Don't worry about taking this cleanser into the shower with you because it's 100% waterproof!