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Revolutionary Skin Cleansing

Who is Insu Beauty?

Insu Beauty are a Beauty Tech Brand who are breaking new ground with their innovative beauty products.

Their first product is the Insu Beauty Face and Body Cleanser which uses Sonic Technology to provide deeper levels of cleansing to your skin.

What sets it apart from other cleansers is it's Customiseable to your skin.
3 Different types of brush heads come in the pack using both silicone and traditional brushes for your perfect match.

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INSU BEAUTY Face and Body cleanser features

  • Sonic Technology

    3 powerful Sonic vibration levels for deep cleansing and ultimate control

  • 2 Months Battery

    Even with daily use, you can charge the device once and the battery will last 2 month!*

  • Fully Waterproof

    Use in the shower or bath, completely water-proof!