Why pollution is making skin cleansing a necessity for everyone now.


 You may already know. Or you may have suspected- is our increasingly polluted environment having an impact on our skin?

Well, we've done the research for you.

Air pollution emitted from transportation contributes to smog, and to poor air quality, which has negative impacts on the health and welfare people around the world. Pollutants that contribute to poor air quality include particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). *

Your skin is your body's biggest organ, and depending on how much you’re out and about, it may be going through a daily battle that you are completely unaware of.

On a daily basis we are coming into contact with far more air pollutants than our skin has ever been used to. All of this can have a detrimental effect on your skin.

According to Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at Harley Street clinic, Skin55, air pollutants include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), oxides, particulate matter, ozone, and cigarette smoke.

“Scientific studies in both animals and humans have shown that these components of air pollution can contribute to premature skin ageing, such as wrinkling and pigmentation spots, and worsening of inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.”

“We may not be able to control the environmental factors that lead to skin inflammation and ageing, but it is in our hands to try and limit these,” explains Dr Mahto.**

Daily cleansing is now more important than ever before, we can be lazy just like you, and whilst skipping the odd day is okay, repeatedly skipping your daily cleansing routine will leave your skin with premature ageing, dull complexion and breakouts.

Luckily, we’re here to help transform your daily routines into pampering rituals. Our Sonic Skin Cleansers work with a huge range of foaming, gel, cream, and water-based cleansers and can help tackle the daily pollution that your skin comes into contact with.

So how do Sonic Skin Cleansers work?

The first is uniformity. Unless you are a robot, you will likely go over some portions of the skin more than others. This can leave skin looking and feeling uneven, in addition to possibly irritating certain sections of skin from overuse. Wands and brushes make it easier for the user to focus on an even, spread out application.

Anothe reason is the oscillation and vibration disrupting blackheads and other impurities. Ultrasonic wands in particular do a great job of literally jarring loose impurities from beneath the surface of the skin. ***

Try our Sonic Skin Cleanser, and transform your routine now!

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Multi-Pollutant Comparison



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