Why Good Make-up Starts With Good Skincare

Any good make-up artist will tell you...looking great starts with great skin!

Unhealthy skin is more difficult to work with, some of the reasons can be:

  •  Acne: The physical texture of bumps can be lessened but not hidden completely even with make-up.
  • Rough or flaking skin can be smoothed over with moisturiser and foundation, but it’s not an ideal canvas, especially as the moisturiser gets absorbed and evaporated away over the day.

The converse is true too, gorgeous skin looks good in any light, from any angle, and even when bare. It makes great makeup truly shine.

Then there’s the fact that makeup that clogs pores or causes irritations (including drying out skin and creating Blackheads), it can often mean a vicious cycle for your skin, particularly if you like to wear makeup regularly.

Try these simple steps to get your skin and makeup working together…

  1. Think about a good skincare regimen that targets your particular concerns.
  2. Cleanse Daily! We've mentioned before the importance of washing the day away, your skin has an invisible battle with the air every day, dirt, pollution and irritants can build up on your skin over the day. Use the Insu Beauty Sonic Skin Cleanser with one of our silicone brushes, alongside your skin cleanser for daily cleansing!
  3. Consider exfoliating or deep cleansing once a week- it will help reveal more radiant healthy skin by removing dead skin cells in the top layer of your skin.
  4. Try a Blackhead remover tool if you have particularly stubborn Blackheads- our Soft-touch Perfect Pores Blackhead Remover is perfect for this! It can instantly remove stubborn Blackheads, helping to reveal clearer skin!

And finally! Be patient, good skin takes consistency and patience just like a diet, but stick with it and you'll start to see results within days!



The Insu Beauty Team x

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