November News Update

Hey there!

Welcome to our very first blog post! These are written by me (Iasha!) and will give you the low-down on everything that's happening at Insu Beauty.
November has been a crazy month for Insu Beauty - With Mentions in the Daily Mail, The Independent, The Evening Standard,The Sun, and The Manchester Evening News among others we've had a busy month of new customers!

We also announced our first ever pop-up at Cheshire Fashion week, and i am so excited about it! It's a dream come true because its about all the things i love -Business, Beauty, and Fashion! Please come and see us on Sunday 15th December at Chester Town Hall!
Click here to read about what's happening and who else is attending Cheshire Fashion week on Cheshire Live.
From a personal note, it was my last episode on The Apprentice 2019, which was heartbreaking, it was a life-changing opportunity and has really set up Insu Beauty for a strong future. We need to always remember that behind every cloud is a silver lining and my god! There was so much more than a silver lining behind that cloud!!

Doing my live show with Tom Allen was so much fun, he's funny off screen as well as on-screen! I chose to wear an all-in-one jumpsuit with a floor length cape from Asos Design Luxe and i felt like a million pounds in it! I had no idea Asos made these kind of outfits.
There's also been so much incredible support for me, and i really need to thank the incredible people who have helped make Insu Beauty happen, i'll be putting a spotlight on some of our amazing influencers and business women in the next few months and talking more about those who have empowered me personally. 
I'm working on some new product launches for Insu Beauty and theres some very exciting things in the pipeline, i'm just so proud of what Insu Beauty stands for - Healthy, Happy Skin. And my focus will always be to help people everywhere feel good in the skin they're in.
Wow! November has been incredible! I love you all! Bring on December and the festivities!! 
Love Iasha Masood xxx

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