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Hi everyone,

Wow it's been a crazy few months, lockdown continued, I piled on the pounds with comfort eating, but thankfully it looks like we are through the worst of it now.

Unfortunately we have been out of stock much longer than anticipated; this is because of huge disruptions in our supply chain due to the pandemic. However, thankfully we are now in production and have a back in stock date of the 15 August 2020. We are also unveiling some stunning new packaging which I can’t wait to share with you all.

I know many of us have had skin trouble during lockdown, maybe you (like me) got a little lazy with your skin routine, or all that lack of movement and circulation had an impact on the nutrients being delivered to your skin, or simply a more unhealthy diet. Fruits and veggies are critical to glowing skin and I know I haven’t recently been getting my fair amount. So it's time to kick those bad habits to the curb as we come out of lockdown, I’ve had a major skin revamp, and changed my moisturiser, as well as adopting a triple cleansing method because of clogged pores.

The Insu beauty cleanser is amazing as a deep clean, I use it after my make-up remover and before my hot cloth so all the dirt and grime that the cleanser dislodged is wiped away by the cloth- and it's been about a month now and my skin has gotten back to its glowing self!

This is the before and after and you can just about see it on the left (before picture) i had a lot of visible blocked pores (milia) on my cheeks and chin area and a overall dull/uneven complexion. I felt really bad about it so i really really stuck to my routine the past month and it's crystal clear again and i'm never going to slack with my skincare routine again!

I've had a lot of emails asking when we will be back in stock, so just hold on a little longer and make sure you are signed up to the newsletter. Everyone on the newsletter will get a notification as soon as we are back in stock.

As always please follow me, and Insu Beauty on Instagram and let us know if you have any questions! I love chatting with you all!

Stay safe lovelies, Love Iasha xxx


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