August, September, October

Well that was odd, in August we ventured out, in September we got comfortable, October was starting to feel normal, and boom November is here and we are in another Lockdown!

The last 3 months have been crazy, not just with the Covid-19 pandemic, but we have been busier than ever launching our extended range of Smart Beauty and Skincare tools for you. We launched 3 new products. Our mini sonic skin cleanser, our perfect pores skin vacuum, and our smart make up mirror. 

All these products have been tried and tested by me! (Iasha). I wouldnt accept a single one if it was'nt the best it could be! I love that i get to be so involved and passionaite about the development of these products. Skincare and beauty are life-long obsessions for me, so it's so incredibly exciting to work on these.

We've had so many lovely reviews of our original product- the Face & Body Sonic Skin Cleanser, it's been lovely to see your stories (and dont forget to leave a review - you will recieve a discount code for your next purchase!)

I use my Sonic skin cleanser everyday- it's super fast and convenient, i'm always so shocked about how much make up comes off with my sonic skin cleanser- EVEN after i've used a full make up wipe.

And it has transformed my skin. I get spots (which are basically clogged pores!) so much less. The sonic vibrations help encourage blood flow too, and that means those cute little blood cells are bringing all their nutrienty goodness with them for our skin!

We have a big Black Friday sale coming up again this year! So get ready to bag yourself some amazing deals on our website!

All my love,



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